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Ray Ban 6238Contact your local radio, TV stations and newspaper when you list your property. And again when you have made improvements, past or present. The local newspaper may be interested in running an article on your area of expertise. As each crisis emerged, we did the best we could and tried to move on. And while we tried with all of our effort and zeal to have peace and harmony in our lives, our success was limited. In fact, I found that the more we tried and the less things seemed to change, the more resentful and frustrated we became about the whole darn thing. Consider the Orioles. Of their 44 games (including Friday), they play six games against the Yankees, three against Detroit, three against Chicago, three against Texas, three against Oakland, six against Tampa, six against Boston, three against Seattle and nine against Toronto. That gives them 18 games against teams under .500 and 26 games against teams above.. So the strain of being the target of a recall campaign is apparently getting to embattled Salinas City Councilman Jose Castaeda.On Friday morning several witnesses videotaped Castaneda driving on the Bardin Elementary School campus yelling catcalls at recall proponent Juan Sandoval and his associates."He was swearing and said that he was going to 'take me down' for what I was doing," Sandoval said later Friday.The problem with Castaeda driving his Nissan pickup truck on district property is that it violates a Jan. 10 warning letter sent to him by Alisal Union School District Superintendent John Ramirez banning him from all AUSD facilities.Ramirez further warned in the letter that should Castaeda violate the ban he could be found guilty of a misdemeanor and that the district would seek a permanent injunction against him.That latter part is being pursued, AUSD board President Maricela Cruz said in a brief message to Dome HQ.Just like his serial meeting violation earlier this month of the Brown Act, the state's open meetings law, Castaeda apparently thinks the law applies to everyone but him.I think it's time the council collectively stands up and says 'no mas' to this rogue.The body did it before when it successfully sued him off his AUSD board seat. It needs stand up against him again.Now it's time to formally censure him so it can be on record to Salinas residents and to the world that such bullying tactics and crude ploys are just not acceptable behavior for an elected leader at any level."It's getting so every time I turn around there's something with this guy.

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